Giants ready to work with Eli Apple’s “God-given ability most people don’t have”

It wasn’t so long ago that Eli Apple‘s days with the Giants appeared numbered, but changes to the coaching staff have provided the cornerback with a new start in New York.

“Day one is Monday and every guy that walks in that room, day one is Monday,” Giants defensive coordinator James Bettcher said, via quotes distributed by the team. “So, whatever happened before, whether it was here or whether it was with a different team, guys that we draft, whether it was in college, whatever it was that has happened with guys, day one is Monday. Day one is the first day those guys walk in the building, and we’re going to build from there.”

Fitzpatrick’s age is the only reason the Bucs are not in better shape than the 49ers QB-wise. As Tampa stands now, with the 35-year-old Fitzpatrick bringing experience to his backup role behind Winston, it has a solid argument for the most reliable 1-2 combo in the league. That will change when Fitzpatrick’s contract expires and the Bucs have to pay Winston the starting QB money he deserves.

There have been reports that Beckham does not plan to step foot on the field until he has a contract extension, so the fact that he is not completely avoiding the team during the offseason is a positive sign.

Last July, he had another bone removed from the same ankle, the os trigonum.

Both were 10-to-15 minute procedures that have been much easily to deal with than the February 2016 shoulder labrum surgery that cost him an entire season.

“That one hurt,” Bird said “This one’s easy. The shoulder I worried about. That (rehab) went so long. This is cake compared to the shoulder. With the shoulder you’re like,’Damn, will I get back?’ You’re told you will, but there are some days going through the rehab process where you’re like,’Damn, this is different.’ But the two ankles I’ve had,… they just took a bone out. So that was fine.” bills_034

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