Baker Mayfield: Transition to NFL offense ‘a matter of terminology’

Baker Mayfield vows it won’t be difficult to leave the silliness in the past.

“It’s an easy decision to make,” Mayfield said Friday, one day after the Cleveland Browns made him the first pick in the NFL draft. “It’s a blessing to have the responsibility and be in this position. So for me, it’s a simple choice to make the right decisions.”

“As competitive as I am, I don’t have to show it all the time. I can use that for behind the scenes when nobody’s around, the film, the hours you put in.”

Mayfield chose his Browns jersey number on Friday. The team released video of the quick affair.

Amid his success at Oklahoma, which included having the second-best passing efficiency mark (175.4) in FBS history, Mayfield also created obstacles for himself — an arrest for public intoxication in Arkansas; the situation against Kansas, which led to him being stripped of his captaincy the following game; plus other instances of taunting opponents before and after games, including a road win at Ohio State.

“Stuff like that, in between the lines, I’ll be very competitive,” he said, “but the other stuff, obviously, it can’t happen. I know that.”

The Cubs won Game 7 of that Series in Cleveland for their first championship since 1908. While the significance of the latest victory didn’t come close to matching that, the Chicago players were reminded of it everywhere they turned.

“I like to think about the World Series, especially about all of the adversity we faced,” Schwarber said. “That was the moment we all live for, and we want to get back to it.”

Cubs shortstop Addison Russell, who doubled and scored in the second, was excited about the return.

“Just walking off the bus, into the stadium, you get a sense of nostalgia,” he said. “The first thing I noticed when we got in the clubhouse was they replaced the carpet, which was nice. I think we messed it up pretty good. I was thinking about that great memory, walking around with my World Series champion shirt on.”

Even the weather was similar. Game 7 was delayed by rain in the 10th inning shortly before Chicago took the lead. This matchup was played in a steady rain that began before the first pitch.

The Cubs won three games in Cleveland’s ballpark during the 2016 Series and continued the trend against Josh Tomlin (0-3), who allowed all four homers. Schwarber connected leading off the second and fourth. Willson Contreras went deep in the third and Ian Happ homered in the fourth.jets_261

New York Giants: 5 takeaways from the first day of offseason program

New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur hoped each and every one of his players would be in attendance Monday morning as the team kicked off its voluntary offseason program in East Rutherford.

Odell Beckham Jr., Eli Manning and Nate Solder were there.

As for Collins, he was also asked about his contract status. His rookie deal expires this season.

“I’m just letting it just work itself out,” Collins said. “I’m not really going through the negotiating part. I’m going to leave that between Dave Gettleman and my agent and then go from there. From that point on, I’m just here trying to make new friends with my boys, new relationships and be a captain like I’ve always been.”

“You start back at zero, so everybody’s equal,” Campbell said in a phone interview, via ESPN’s Michael DiRocco. “You have to earn the right to have the opportunity to make it to the playoffs. When people start picking you as the favorite and [predicting] what you should do, it’s kind of poison. You’re kind of relaxing and start believing you’re better than you are.”

Campbell went on to talk about how it happened back when he was with the Arizona Cardinals.

Outside of San Jose’s Brent Burns, defenseman Dustin Byfuglien might loom as the West’s most dominant fantasy blueliner. We’re just a little concerned about the young fella between the pipes. No question, Connor Hellebuyck has been outstanding for the Jets in recent play and all season long, but he completely lacks in NHL playoff experience. There’s no guarantee the 24-year-old isn’t overwhelmed by the pressure.bills_002

Chad is coming in hot with the non-sequitur two-parter.

Like most people, I deal with day-to-day job frustrations, but I do my best to not let them impact me. Would I like it if my texts and calls were always returned? Sure. Would I like more access to the people I cover? Absolutely. But many of these things are outside of my control and I gain nothing by being upset about it. I do my best with the resources I have available.

It’s probably a bit higher now, given he has another year of seasoning under his belt, but he hasn’t had the opportunity to show his talents in a meaningful situation, outside of five passes late in a loss to Baltimore, one of which was intercepted.

All that to say, no, no one is going to be asking for Rudock in a deal that involves moving up in the first round. He could conceivably net a Day 3 pick, but until I see Matt Cassel’s contract, I’m not convinced the Lions are giving up on the idea of the former Michigan standout backing up Matthew Stafford again in 2018.

It will be more about tweaks than an overhaul. The most significant changes will come with the blocking. Patricia also hinted to some variance in situational play-calling, which I would especially expect to see on third-and-short with Blount in the fold.

That’s probably the most cynical way to view the offseason.

My understanding is players are not allowed to interact with coaches on football-related matters (scheme, play books, etc..) until Phase 2 of the offseason program in May.

Background for those who don’t follow me on Twitter, a friend came through with a ticket to the NCAA championship game in San Antonio on Monday. I flew down the day of the game and for the 50 or so hours I was in the state of Texas, I committed to eating tacos for every meal. In hindsight, it was the right decision.rams_035

Gurley: It’d be awesome to see Odell Beckham on Rams

In some respects, Stephen Jones has served as the Dez Bryant bad cop while Jerry has been the good cop. Whichever role they’ll play going forward, the at-times bad cop says there’s no specific plan for when the proverbial interrogation will end. We haven’t put that timeline on it, Stephen Jones said regarding the making of a decision on Bryant’s future, via DallasCowboys. com. When we get ready on a decision with Dez, we’ll make it.

It feels like L.A.’s No. 23 overall pick in the draft has a huge’for sale’ sign on it if the return is a great veteran player. Beckham is the crème de la crème.

The one thing that wouldn’t be a roadblock in the Beckham-to-L.A. fantasy: how he’d fit in the offense.

There’s always enough snaps, running back Todd Gurley, speaking hypothetically, said grinning on Tuesday, via the Los Angeles Times. There’s always enough snaps.

If we had him, man, it would be awesome. I’d be happy, [Jared] Goff will be happy, coach [Sean] McVay will be happy, [owner Stan] Kroenke, the whole team would be.

A generational talent who carried a decrepit offense the last several years I think every team could make room for that. In L.A., Beckham would morph the NFL’s highest-scoring offense into a hazardous pick-your-poison operation that would make defensive coordinators weep during film sessions.

This is all hypothetical, of course.

The Tennessee Titans found a way to disappoint despite making the playoffs for the first time in nearly a decade last season. That’s because blossoming franchise quarterback Marcus Mariota frequently struggled in what was supposed to be a breakout campaign, and the young Titans failed to improve on their nine-win 2016 season.

Tennessee actually gave up 22 more points than it scored and ranked 18th in football in DVOA.patriots_086-223x223

Several Eagles players have said they will not attend the traditional Super Bowl champions’ visit to the White House.

As cleanup from the celebrations in Philadelphia continued Monday, some Eagles players had business of their own to handle, declaring they would not visit President Donald Trump at the White House.

Safety Malcolm Jenkins, a leader in the player’s coalition that has met with NFL officials about social justice issues, explained his reasons Monday to CNN.

There has long been precedent for athletes skipping championship commemorations at the White House; Celtics legend Larry Bird once passed on a visit with President Ronald Reagan at the White House, saying, “If the president wants to see me, he knows where to find me.” Yet they’ve become more common, and source of controversy, during President Trump’s time in office.

The Patriots attended last year’s celebration, although a sizable number of players were missing. The NBA champion Golden State Warriors opted not to accept their invitation last year when the president uninvited Stephen Curry for his comments on the president. The NCAA basketball champion Tar Heels did not attend a commemoration because of a “scheduling conflict.”

Conspiracy theories involving the Patriots have jumped the shark. Each cycle is more absurd than the last, and it has mutated into something almost as painful as the Patriots’ long-term success is for many.

New England’s 24-20 victory over Jacksonville in the AFC title game amplified the theories, and by now you know the routine. Max Kellerman questioned the officials on ESPN’s “First Take.” Memes of smiling referees and detailed video compilations of how the Patriots cheat were generated in excess after Brady led a fourth-quarter comeback. The narrative was scripture long before CNN’s Jake Tapper branded the Patriots “cheaters.” That’s how broad the reach of the perception runs.

When you put it all together, it’s a bunch of loose strands that stretch too far off the field. The Patriots won the game. Moreover, the Jaguars lost the game. Jacksonville choked, plain and simple.patriots_050_432816d500d73104-180x180